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US Population Density Map using Tableau

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Join our founder, Peter Koebel as he demonstrates a population density map using Tableau.

You’ve probably seen population density visualizations everywhere, but how can you use them in your own analysis? Check out this walkthrough of a US Population Density Map using Tableau.

Read the video transcript here:

in this video we’ll be making a u.s.

efficient NC hexagon map so we recreate

this map in the name sheet here

first we will us use the columns to show

the six corners for the hexagon that

we’ll be using this word to detail and I

wouldn’t want that as polygons you know

I’m adding the and I’ll have the map we

wanted to longer to and opt is using

field Crammers who sent the filter path

now we have our hexagon the six corners

now the have some latitude along the

tubes and to detail and we have our map

those are hard to see so out of order

there we go and here’s the that’s been

sized in miles show pram there’s a new

baby and let’s see a few more week

that’s 250 miles and see more details of

the X comes 15 miles

all right now we need to add the

population density they should make that

color like green change that to green

and now we have population population to

using the field parameters and now you

can see the density so this is probably

around Los Angeles and here’s probably

New York Chicago those are something to

mean population density areas in the

United States and if you want to

interact with this with this map I have

it on my type of public public website

here and you just leave this map and

check on each of these exons and you can

change the size so if you want to kind

of zoom in and see more of them or

regions irrelevant you have one mile

long and that’s almost useless so we

have to see which parameters you want to

use see how much details you need to see

thank you and please like share and


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