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 Making complex data, simple to use. 

Do you know anyone who wants to spend more time with their friends and family?

It can be hard to explain what I do.

Some people I work with are anxious that their business has become stagnant and want to look for new insights about their business.

They are uncertain of how to find that information. Often they spend  their Saturday evenings looking at Reports without much progress. 

Does that sound like anyone you know?  

Maybe you've also felt you could use actionable insights to improve your business.

I also work with people who would rather not guess when making business decisions.  

My customers are concerned they don't have enough relevant information to make important business decisions.

This can be frustrating and often leads to delayed decisions.  Which then leads to work and productivity stalling.

Do you know anyone whose business has had stalls in work or production?

Any chance you've ever felt you could use accurate and easy to understand summaries when making tough decisions? 



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Data Sciencing Videos

Video Non-Technical Machine Learning Examples for your business


Video using Tableau for Data Mining with a Demographics Dashboard


Video Basic Excel Dashboard I can develop for your business


Video Global Demographics Animation using Tableau


Video examples of basic Data Visualizations I can develop for your business


Video Analyzing and Visualizing World Trends using RStudio


Data Science Projects

Data Mining a Demographics Dashboard using Tableau


Datasciencing World Trends using RStudio


Restaurant Satisfaction Likert Scale using Tableau


Data Visualizations of Food and Agriculture using Python


Data Mining an Email Marketing Dashboard using Tableau


Data Visualizations of Crime in Los Angeles using RStudio


Data Science Projects using Machine Learning

Predicting Car Prices using Machine Learning with Python


Predicting Election Results using Machine Learning with R


Predicting Customers Making an Insurance Claim with Python


Predicting the Sale Price of a House using Machine Learning with Python


Clustering Countries using Machine Learning with R


More Data Science Projects

About the Owner: Peter Koebel

Programming and Data Science history


In Grade 3 I was part of an enrichment program. One of our projects was working with the programming language Logo using their Turtle Graphics feature.

In Grade 10 AP Computer Science I learned to program in Pascal.

In Grade 11 and 12 AP Computer Science I learned to program in C++.

During my first year of University I took two semesters of Computer Science, learning to program in Java.

In some of my University Statistics courses I analyzed data with SAS.

For multiple University Math courses I programmed in Matlab.

In my Anthropology courses I studied Ethnographies, which are cultural biographies. To develop insights into not just broad ethnic cultures, but also potentially other cultures such as cities, companies, offices, hobby groups, etc.

 I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. My major was Applied Mathematics with Statistics option and minor was Anthropology.

Programming and Data Science history continued

I can help demystify data with you. So you can use data to improve your business making decisions.

I have completed courses on:

  1. Intermediate Microsoft Access
  2. Advanced Microsoft Excel
  3. Intermediate Python
  4. Intermediate R
  5. Intermediate SQL
  6. Expert Tableau

Presently, I primarily work on data science projects in R and Python. As well as, professionally worked with Microsoft Excel, SQL and Tableau.

I also attend and help out at a local monthly Data Science meetup.

My Data Science videos can be viewed on my YouTube Channel here:

I celebrated International Open Data Day 2019 by helping set up and participating in the 2019 Winnipeg Open Data Hackathon.

Here is a news report on the event.

I'm in the background during the interviews, in a yellow shirt brainstorming ideas.

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