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Be the Master of Your Business Data

We help leaders make business decisions with more confidence, using the data that’s already at your fingertips.

How we help

Making complex data simple to use.

Data Cleaning

Is your business’ data a mess? We’ll roll up our sleeves and help you clean it up, improving its integrity and your ability to rely on it.

Data Aggregation

Is your data trapped in separate systems that don’t talk to each other? Are your CRM and Financial Managment data segregated? We can help bring these worlds together!

Visual Analytics

Are the “built in” data visualizations you use falling short? We can develop custom, interactive dashboards that help you see things in a whole new light.

KPIs and Metrics

Are you stuck looking at the numbers your software publisher says are important? We’ll help understand the perfromance indicators and metrics that are important to your unique business – then help you find a way to easily keep an eye on them.

Data Analysis

Struggling to analyze and tell stories with your data? Having difficulty making business decisions driven by data? We can help you analyze your data, weave it into narrative, and make it accessible for the purpose of decision making.

Software Support

Struggling with that Excel pivot table? Difficulty getting that chart to appear the way you want it? Can’t quite slice your data the way you need? We’ve got skills in a wide variety of tools and we’re here to help.

We’re making a difference

We’ve helped a lot of businesses master their data and experience the world of cutting-edge data analysis. Could your business be next?


Let’s have fun with data!

US Population Density Map using Tableau Join our founder, Peter Koebel as he demonstrates a population density map using Tableau. You've probably seen population density visualizations everywhere, but how can you use them in your own...

Datasciencing Customer Demographics with Power BI Join our founder, Peter Koebel, as he walks through datasciencing customer demographics with Power BI. Datasciencing can be tough, but does it have to be? Check out this demonstration...

From Our Clients

We love our clients – and apparently they love us too!

“Peter helped me create some dashboards for my business. His work was of the highest quality and his communication was great.If you need an excel wizard or data scientists Peter is a great asset.”

Marco Feller

General Manager, Supra Distribution LTD

“Today’s business world is driven by data and insights, and companies like Data Sciencing Consultants are just what the businesses these days need. They specialize in providing with superior business intelligence and data analysis that helps businesses make effective and efficient decisions. Through my interaction with Data Sciencing Consultants at Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, I have found them to be very professional and helpful towards other businesses. Peter Koebel at Data Sciencing Consultants is very knowledgeable and expert in this area and a strong advocate of business community. I would highly recommend them!”

Saad Zubairi

Membership Sales Representative, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

“Peter Koebel supported the team at Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. in its data science analysis for a major international project. Peter was very professional and provided timely reports based on the raw data provided.”

Wanda Daza

CEO, Strategic Event Initiatives Inc.

“I run an eCommerce agency and we had a project for a client that was bottlenecked by manipulating data in Excel. I quickly exhausted my own knowledge of Excel and tried various articles + how to videos spending a full day attempting to understand why my sheets were broken. I reached out to Peter and he solved my problem in half an hour. Our client project got completed and billed later that day.

I should have reached out to Peter at DSC right away! Would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a data science expert!”

Andriy Rudnyk

Founder, Good Subscription Agency

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