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Let’s Have Data Fun with Excel: Column and Row Width

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Has it ever happened to you, where you open an excel file and you notice the column names are cut off and you can’t see all the information you want to look at? 

One thing you can do, to widen the column width is select the column. Then go on the menu, under ‘Cells’, click ‘Format’ and click ‘AutoFit Column Width’.

That will widen the column to the largest or longest name in your column.

A faster way of doing that is, selecting your column that you need to widen and double left-click at the end of the column, in between the columns.

It will also automatically widen the column to the widest field.

As you might suspect, you can also do that with the row height.

We can’t quite see what’s going on in row 8.

We select the row, go to ‘Format’, ‘AutoFit Row Height’. 

Now we can see the info in row 8.

You can also use the double click method. Just find the row that you need to make larger.

You double click underneath the row. And it will grow the maximum size of the cells in that row. 

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You can also view my companion video for this Excel tip here:

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